Attacks on Tree Sparrow nest by Grey Starlings

Sato,S. and Sato, Y. (2002) Attacks on Tree Sparrow nest by Grey Starlings. Strix 20: 143?148.
Summary: We observed Grey starlings Sturnus cineraceus attacking Tree Sparrow Passer montanus nests several times in Kochi City, southwestern Japan. The nests of the Tree Sparrow, which had been made beneath the eves of an apartment house, originally by Red?rumped Swallows Hirundo daurica, were partly destroyed by Grey Starlings (Table 1). Nestlings of Tree Sparrows killed by the starlings had fallen from the nests. The cause of the attacks is discussed and the possibility that Grey Starling tried robbing the nesting site is considered.
Table 1 Number of nests of Tree Sparrows attacked by Grey Starling in May 1999.
Tree Sparrow's nest  Tree Sparrow's old nest Red?rumped Swallow's nest
attacked by Grey Starling 3 1 0
not attacked 0 2 1
total 3 3 1

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